10 simple tips to overcome laziness

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There are some days we are not motivated to do anything and very small task seems to be a herculean task for us… Not withstanding how we feel about the task at hand, if we don’t get things done, they will compound and become a bigger problem for us. It is the reason why procrastination is highly shunned…

Laziness can be first explained as the desire to be idle, to do nothing and resist effort. It is also a state of passivity of letting things stay as they are.There have been proven causes of laziness which are:

A. Been Overwhelmed

B. Afraid

C. Hurt

D. Uninspired

E. Tired

Most times, we enjoy being a little lazy, such as after working hard for several hours, or on a very cold or warm day, but if this state occurs too often, something has to be done about it.

In order to carry out our chores, work efficiently, live to the fullest, and achieve success, we must learn how to overcome laziness.

Here come some simple tips to overcoming laziness:

1. Break down a task into smaller tasks


We often avoid tasks because we find them too big, too overwhelming, too tiring, or taking too much of our time.

Breaking a task into several smaller tasks can solve this problem. Then, each one will not seem so difficult or intimidating. Instead of having one big task, we will have a series of small tasks, which do not require too much effort.

This appraoch can be applied not only to tasks but also to goals and everything else we have or need to do. This will tend to melt much of the laziness and inner resistance we often experience.


2. Rest, sleep and exercise

In some cases, laziness is due to being tired and lacking energy. If this is true in your case, you need to give yourself the rest and sleep you need, and also give your body enough exercise and fresh air.


3. Motivation:

In some cases, the reason for laziness is due to lack of motivation. You can strengthen your motivation through affirmations, visualization and thinking about the importance of performing your task or chore or achieving your goal.


4. Have a vision of what and who you want to be:

Frequently reflecting on the person we want to be, the goals we want to achieve, and the life we want to live, can motivate us to act.


5. Think about benefits:

Think about the benefits you will gain if you overcome your laziness and take action, instead of thinking about the difficulties or obstacles. Focusing on the difficulties of carrying out the task, leads to discouragement, avoidance of taking action and to laziness. It is important that you focus your mind and attention on the benefits, not on the difficulties.


6. Thinking about the consequences:

Think about what will happen, if you succumb to laziness, and don’t perform your task or chore. Thinking about the consequences of not acting, can also push you to take action.


7. Doing one thing at a time:

Focus on doing one thing at a time. If you feel you have a lot to do, you will probably feel overwhelmed and let laziness overcome you, instead of you overcoming laziness.


8. Learn from successful people:

Watch successful people, and how they do not let laziness win. Learn from them, talk with them and associate with them.


9. Tell yourself:

“How can I accomplish my goal.”

“I have the energy and motivation to act and do whatever I want or have to do.”

“Doing things makes me stronger.”

“Doing things makes things happen.”


10. Avoid procrastination:

Avoiding procrastination, which is a form of laziness. If there is something you have to do, why not do it right now and get through with it? there is a saying that people who indulge in procrastination never accomplish anything.

Overcoming laziness can be achieved through a series of daily actions and activities, when you choose to act, instead of remaining passive. Every time you overcome your laziness you get stronger. Every time you choose to act, you increase your ability to win, achieve goals and improve your life.

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