how to start your day with a positive mindset

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You might have been weeping throughout the night, but the good news is that joy comes in the morning. You have the power to stand against anything that wants to extend your weeping beyond the night.

You must be able to take charge of your day. You should determine what your day gives to you, and don’t ever allow your day give you what it feels like giving you. You should make it your declaration every morning – ‘My joy comes this morning’.

It might not be only joy, you can also look into the mirror and say to yourself, I’m great, I can do it, I can make it, and it’s possible.

You should never start your day with impossibilities. Instead you should always see possibilities. Every new day is a day to achieve those goals which you didn’t achieve yesterday.

If you continue to always weep, will it solve any of your problems? No! It won’t. Weeping diminishes you strength but joy on the other hand increases your strength.

You cannot be joyful and be mournful at the same time. Sometimes, your enemy tries to steal your joy away from you, because they know that your strength lies with a joyful mind.

Everything withers when joy is absent but when joy comes everything comes alive. Things might not be going well with you, but when there is joy, things be pleasant, because there is a belief that things will never remain the same.

When your joy is centered on things or events or persons around you at a particular time, then that joy will be short-lived as you become miserable without those things.

Every material thing can only sustain or might try to sustain your joy for a short time. Nothing material can sustain joy for a long time as joy is a thing from the spirit. The greatest way to be joyous always is assuring you that everything will be alright someday.

So when you wake up every morning, you need to give yourself assurance that things will be right today. Also know that it’s a new day so you need to drop all the hurts of the past

Have you ever imagined why things go the way they go with you? And sometimes you even say, why me? Why are these things happening to me, it’s happening to you because you are a conqueror?

Your mom never gave birth to you without feeling any pain, but even with the pain she had to endure to give birth to you alive. If you mom was able to conquer her problem, so why shouldn’t you be able to conquer those challenges too.

You need to face them now. And you also need to be ready, because there is much un-avoidable opposition that is coming your way. All you need to do to over-come them is to be joyful always and you should also see those problems as LITTLE.

I mean you will be like; ‘this problem is just too small to steal my joy’ no matter how hard it seem to appear. You need to daily declare an embarrassing word over that situation in your life. You should believe that something good is coming your way.


For you to take charge of you day, you must first change the way you THINK. And you should also know that the way you ACT is as a result of the way you THINK. Just because you are from an unpopular family doesn’t mean you will never be able to achieve anything significant.

Wrong thoughts will produce wrong actions and you cannot normally act wrongly and be happy. Change the way you think if you want to make your day a great one. You cannot improve on yesterday’s performance until you improve on your thoughts. You perform at the level of your thinking and no man rises above his thoughts.

It’s a very wrong idea that you must go with what the majority is thinking or saying. Dare to be DIFFERENT. You must understand that you are responsible for your thoughts that you allow to take root in your mind.

When life seems to treat you unfairly, don’t sink into negative thoughts or feelings of self pity, hopelessness and revenge because you may lose your dream in the process. you need to focus on your thoughts to make your dream.

If you are not in the best frame of mind, you cannot be of any significant help to somebody else. Your thoughts will soon show on your face, no matter how long you try to hide it.

When you wake up every day, you need a praiseful, grateful and worshipful attitude especially in trying times. Your thoughts and attitudes define your destination and so where destinations are not identical, thoughts must run parallel.

I cannot think the way you think if I am not going where you are going. Your thoughts really matter a lot.

Nothing is new about the day, till something is new within you; and that happens when you flush out the filth and hurts of yesterday. This must be a practical exercise that must be taken seriously each new day.

Whatever level of excitement or readiness greets your day in the morning might affect the level of your performance that day. So if you wake up the right way, with the right mindset and thoughts, then your day will be pleasant for you.

If you wake up with the consciousness, newness and the readiness to make manifest the greatness that is within you, your level of willingness or excitement will be high enough to mobilize you for performance. You have to embrace and celebrate this attributes of greatness that is within you to get the benefits of the new day.

One thing I have disciplined myself to doing each morning is to read the letters on my wall. I had prepared a list of words that will energize me every morning. So after prayers, I will look straight and read the motivational words and at the end I will say, YES, IT IS POSSIBLE, ALL IS WELL.

That’s how I always have a good day.

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