how to stop your mind from thinking negative thoughts

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how to stop your mind from thinking negative thoughts

Imaginations are images in motion. The image in your mind determines what is produced in your life.

it is your mental picture that determines your actual future. Your imagination set the pace for your destination. What you know determines how you think; it is your mentality that defines your destiny.

How you think determines how you live and how you live determines what you become

You must always ensure that you carry the right images on your mind, it is a battle you must fight and a war you must win. The fact that you are enjoying God’s backing and fighting with superior weapons makes winning cheap for you.

Living by how you feel is a sure way to defeat, and so winning in your thought is winning in life. It is first a thought, and then it is an imagination and finally a stronghold. An evil thought unchecked soon becomes a stronghold that leaves you restless and agitated.

A thought becomes a stronghold when it holds strong on you. It is a thought that keeps coming on your mind even when you try to avoid it. It dominates you so much that it dampens your mood, weakens your drive and slows down energy and makes life both boring and unexciting.

If you don’t deal with and evil and wrong thought promptly, the devil uses it to paint and evil picture in your mind which becomes an imagination. If the imagination stays long enough in your mind and you believe it, what started as a thought becomes a stronghold that can direct your entire life.

The word of GOD says you are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus; but not without a battle. There is no winning without a warfare and the enemy you don’t confront you cannot conquer; so rise up and confront that evil thought that keeps coming up in your mind. Note the lines of battle:

”Pulling down strongholds…. Casting down imaginations… and… Bringing every though to the obedience of Christ.”

You cannot wish away an evil thought; you deal with it before it destroys you. Our thoughts are part of Satan’s devices to carry out his mission to steal, kill and destroy.

God wants you to enjoy, good health, increase in strength, peace, longevity and all the good things of life but the devil is determined to plant in you and evil thought that can make you doubt God’s plan for you.

Your mind becomes a fertile breeding place for evil thoughts if it is not filled with God’s word. You can stop evil thoughts from entering your mind by mounting a word-guard in your spirit. You don’t have to wait till a negative thought becomes a deadly stronghold.

Cast it down before it takes you down the road of depression. How do you cast down imaginations?

1. Think God’s thoughts for you. “For I know the thoughts that I think towards you say the lord, thoughts of peace and not evil to give you an expected end.” God thinks and speaks peace concerning you. He is Jehovah shalom- the Lord our peace. He is a God of war against his enemies but a God of peace to his children. You must understand that like any good father, God desires the best for his children. You may not yet be all you want to be, but that does not permit you to feel inferior to anybody or measure your success by the achievement of others. Make progress at your pace by putting your best into each new day. Stop being clumsy with issues of life and never say you are confused when in actual fact you are only trying to sort things out. God’s thought for you is to daily enjoy:

a. Good health and prosperity 3 Jn vs. 2, Exo.23:25-26.

b. Long life and safety Psa. 91

c. Joy and fulfillment St. Jn. 15:11

d. Victory all the time 2 Cor. 2:14

e. Divine favor Psa.5:12; and much more.

Make God’s thoughts your consuming passion. While you should not give place to evil thoughts, confront it whenever it comes. Your mind can get so saturated with God’s thoughts that you refuse to believe anything to the contrary. Things may not be as bad as you think they are. Please understand that exaggeration is weapons of destruction in Satan’s arsenal so don’t be a victim. Just as a drowning man needs a higher force to pull him out, so does anybody going down the pit of depression needs a higher thought to pull him out. God’s thought are higher than ours. His thoughts bring us to a higher level of living. You can never go down with God’s thoughts on your mind, so fill your heart with God’s word.

2. Plead the blood of Jesus on an evil thought-

You must trust your weapon to get the best from it. You must also know how to use it to win over the enemy. Remember your weapons are more powerful than the enemy’s. ”They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony….”Rev. 12:11

The blood weapon was effective to dislodge and overthrow Satan from heaven down to earth. If the devil can be cast down from that great height, how much surely will he be cast down from your mind with all his evil thoughts? When he was cast out, he became an outcast. There was no place found for him and he prevailed not because they fought him with the blood weapon. When the blood of Jesus is mentioned against an evil thought, Satan loses place and cannot prevail.

The blood has not lost its power. If the blood of an animal stooped the angel of death in the days of Moses how much more will the blood of Jesus destroy the stronghold of an evil thought. The bible says: ’By the blood shall the prisoners be delivered from a waterless pit’ – Zech. 9: 11 and Paul writes in Heb.9:14, that the blood of Jesus can purge the conscience from dead works. The blood weapon is lethal on satanic forces that come against your mind. When you plead the blood of Jesus be faith on a domineering evil thought, your deliverance is incontestable. The blood of Jesus speaks better things than the thought that wants to bring you down with depression. Cast down evil thoughts of failure, sudden death, accident and whatever thoughts that violate God’s plan for your life. Many things lose value, strength and relevance with time but not the blood of Jesus. It is the eternal token of an everlasting covenant.

The blood that can still appease the wrath of an angry God, make the vilest sinner clean and reconcile him back to God, that blood must be precious to God. Therefore, as long as the blood of Jesus, which is the price of your purchase, is precious God, so also are you, his purchased possession. If you want to regain your value and live with a positive self image, then esteem the blood purges, the blood delivers and what more the blood can pull down strongholds.

3. Call on the name of the Lord- ”And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call upon the name of the LORD shall be delivered…” Joel 2:32a.

The name JESUS means savior and as his name is so he is. The name of Jesus is exalted above every name in heaven, on earth and under the earth. His name is an arrow to which evil forces bow. Demonic spirits fear his presence: ”And there was in their synagogue a man with an unclean spirit; and he cried out, saying, let us alone; what have we to do with thee, thou Jesus of Nazareth? Art thou come to destroy us…..?” Mk.1:23-24.

When you call the name of Jesus he appears on the scene even though you don’t see him. This is the very truth. He appears wherever his name is mentioned in truth and when he appears, evil forces are under threat. When an evil thought enters your mind, call the name of Jesus and rebuke it to lose its hold on you. Faith in that name will bring you deliverance. You cannot place any less value on the name of Jesus than the value God himself has placed on that name. call that name with dislodge that domineering evil thought.

Satan enters our lives through our thoughts just as disease come into our bodies through germs where there is an opening. Evil thoughts are satanic weapons against us and God’s word says ’No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper.’

Praise God that by God’s design and decree, nothing designed by the devil to destroy you is permitted to overcome you. You don’t use the weapon once and stop. You keep attacking that evil thought till it loses its resistance and hold on your mind.

The bible says, ‘His name is like ointment, poured out’ so when that name is mentioned in faith, the yoke of evil thought is destroyed as the anointing that goes with that name is yoke destroying and burden removing. At the beautiful gate in Acts 3:16, after the healing of the crippled man, the apostle Peter said, ”And his name though faith in his name, hath made this man strong, whom ye see and know; yea, the faith which is by him hath given him this perfect soundness in the presence of you all.”

Faith in the name of Jesus, can give a crippled mind, total soundness to matter how long the mind twist had been. The man was lame from birth and people knew him that way. Whatever evil identity people have of you, I see a change coming now as you mention in faith the name JESUS.

In St.Mk.5:1-8, there is a description of a man with an unclean spirit, bound with fetters and chains and no man could tame him. The bible says, night and day he cried and cut himself with stones. Maybe you have a nagging thought that makes you cry

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