What is the way to de-addict yourself from WhatsApp

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It was a time few months ago when I was heavily addicted to a smart dumb app called Whatsapp. As it started affecting my lifestyle, I built a firm resolution to decrease this addiction!

  1. First step was to resolve strongly. Cause it’s easier said than done!
  2. I switched off its notifications from mobile settings
  3. I exited from all useless groups
  4. Blocked people to whom I talked a lot saying that I am uninstalling Whatsapp. Remember that you are addicted to people on Whatsapp and not the app!
  5. Hide my Whatsapp and tried checking only twice a day
  6. Installed some games which distracted me from Whatsapp. We get bored by games easily!
  7. Started writing a lot on Quora

These steps were followed by me and voila! I don’t open Whatsapp for days and don’t even feel anything. Practise honestly for 21 days and see the results

You can try these steps though:

1. Uninstall WhatsApp :

The best way to get rid over whatsApp addiction is uninstalling WhatsApp. It’s sound crazy but it is very useful and best way to avoid wasting time on WhatsApp. If you are using WhatsApp over android then just go into: Settings>Apps>WhatsApp>Uninstall. windows and iPhone user also can easily uninstall WhatsApp over on their phones.

2.Remove WhatsApp shortcut icon from home screen of phone:

If you can not uninstall WhatsApp from your mobile then at least remove the WhatsApp shortcut icon from main screen of your phone. this can help you to waste less time on WhatsApp.

3. Disable notification :

In latest version of Android you can now disable notification of any app. Just go into settings>apps>WhatsApp> Uncheck the notification. You can do same thing for windows as well as iOS. By doing this you can avoid notification by WhatsApp.

4.Avoid to open WhatsApp whenever there’s a new message:

I know it’s very hard to do but not impossible. Whenever you hear the tone of new WhatsApp message ignore it. By doing this thing you can save your valuable time.

5.Use broadcast feature in WhatsApp: Do not forward anything and everything:

Use broadcast feature if you regularly forward messages to specific people. In broadcast you can choose specific contacts to create broadcast. Do not forward anything and everything to all contact list because everyone is not interested in bothered by continuous ping.

6.Mute WhatsApp Groups/leave unnecessary groups:

In new version of whatsApp you can mute group conversions which you don’t like. You can mute grop for 8 hours,1 week or for a year by your choice.Also you have option to leave Whatsapp group. Simply leave unnecessary group which doesn’t provide value to you and waste your time.

7.Avoid changing your status and profile photo everyday:

Updating your whatsApp status on daily basis is useless and it is wastage of time. Your Whatsapp status give updates of your plans to others and some time it also indicate state of your mind. so stop updating status daily basis and updates on weekly basis.

Keep in mind that Whatsapp is instant messaging app and it is not photo sharing app like Instagram or Facebook. So try to avoid changing display picture everyday. As like status change display picture weekly. By avoiding changing status and photo everyday you can avoid Whatsapp addiction.

8.Use Whatsapp on PC/Laptop:

Recently whatsApp released Whatsapp web version for PC/laptops. You can not carry your laptop or PC in your pocket like phone. So if you want to avoid wasting time on whatsapp you have touse WhatsAp on PC/laptop.

9.Make schedule and stick on it:

Avoid checking WhatsApp chats after every every single minute or second and make schedule for check WhatsApp chat. You can check whatsapp chat half hour each in morning or at night that’s suit you. Give idea about your schedule to your close friend. Strictly avoid checking WhatsApp in your working hours.

10. Develop new hobbies/Find something else to do:

  • To avoid whatsapp addiction starts reading different books/novels. Simply join book club.
  • Travel somewhere or visit your relatives.
  • Instead of checking whatsapp go outside and play your favorite outdoor game.
  • Do phone call to your close friends and all relatives instead of doing ping on whatsapp.
  • keep Off data and WiFi connection of your cell phone while doing else things.


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