Do You Know About Mtn N500 For 2046mb (2gb)?


When i saw Mtn 500 naira for 2gb, I could not believe it at first. So I want to inquire. Have you been able to subscribe to the plan before?

This is extracted from a post by a guy in our whatsapp group

If it has worked for you, please drop your comments because I don’t see how this will be available and Mtn will be so silent about it.

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  1. Try Icharity club

    100% real. People pay directly into ur bank acct.

    iCharity Club Worldwide

    How it works?

    Everybody contributes by making donations and everybody earns from donations from others.

    You donate to your sponsor/upline then receive N30,000 donations from 5 other members you directly referred or referred by your sponsor/upline. All extra referrals will be auto-place under your direct referrals until its full. It is called Spillover.

    *Grade 1 donation to upline is N6,000

    You will receive N6,000×5 = N30,000

    *Grade 2 donation to upline is N12,000

    You will receive N12,000×25=N300,000

    *Grade 3 donation to upline is N24,000

    You will receive N24,000×125=N3,000,000

    *Grade 4 donation to upline is N36,000

    You will receive N36,000×625=N22,500,000

    *Grade 5 donation to upline is N60,000

    You will receive 60000×3,125 = N187,500,000

    *Grade 6 donation to upline is N90,000

    You will receive 90,000×15,625 = N1,406,250,000

    *Grade 7 donation to upline is N120,000

    You will receive 120,000×78,125=N9,375,000,000

    *Grade 8 donation to upline is N240,000

    You will receive N240,000×390,625=N93,750,000,000

    *Grade 9 donation to upline is N351,000

    You will receive N351,000×1,953,125 = N6.855469e11

    *Grade 10 donation to upline is N501,000

    You will receive N501,000×9,765,625 = N4.892578e12

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