How To Use Mtn Game Plus On Java And Symbian Phones

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Mtn Game plus free data has now been configured to work on Java phones too.

It’s been working on Android for a while and you can learn how to make it work on java and Symbian phones to.

Meanwhile, to make it work on Java phones too, you need?

1] Symbian or Java
3] Opera with Realhost or UCweb with Real host or you can download OperaMini handler from link.. .
5] Energy/Strength

How To Get The GamePlus MB on Android

Text GM to 2200 for 150MB
And Text JW to 2200 for another 150mb which lasts for 1week b4 renewal. Its totally free!

Configuration Settings
Change your phone proxy settings to and port to 8080 then open your simple android server and configure it as follows;

Opera Mini Handle Setting For MTN GamePlus
The Opera mini handler works in the same way as your Psiphon and this is how to set it up.

Select Realhost and input;

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