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As the best financial services market, western union proffers unlimited offers to suit its customers’ needs. Since inception, built as a telegraph company, Western Union has intuited its success as a remittances provider. It has been one of the great and most reputable money transfer providers. Known for its reliable and safe wire transfer service, precision is likely a simple term it denotes.

Western Union

The Western Union has diverse divisions and a lot of services enclosed within its framework. These range from money orders, transfers & tracking, bill payment to price estimation. In spite of the various challenges it faces, it never stops prevailing. It sets its counterparts at bay by maintaining its status as a leader.

Western Union offers different transfer methods and options to its users. This is the perfect medium to send and receive money within and outside your country at your convenience. Its global services encompass a number of over 200 countries and thousands of agent locations. Various reviews have shown that Western Union Money Transfer betters the lives of many on a daily basis.

The money transfers made through this channel can be received in cash or bank account by the recipient. A sender can choose to pay more for her funds to be delivered to her recipient in cash few minutes after the transaction. Another but slower delivery hence cheaper option is when transfers are made to bank accounts.

Based on the type and method of transfer, locations and delivery options, service is rendered at varied charges. In the place of Western Union agent locations, transfers can be made digitally on its website or mobile app. While some of its users are sending funds, others are receiving them. This great network provides simple features and lots more to ease cash flow tasks.

Western Union Extras

To ensure peculiarity and growth, this financial services provider introduced what it calls the Western Union Speedpay. This was formerly known as Western Union Quick Collect. With this, its customers can make all sorts of payments at any time such as cable-telecoms and EPB bills.

Western Union launched a two brand cards; the MoneyWise Prepaid Card and Gold Card Visa. However, this is limited to only two countries which are Germany and Austria. Used like every visa card, the two cards are used to manage money on phone and online.

In possession of any of these cards, money sent or received can be directly credited to it. It saves time, easy to use and overly reliable. Western Union is no doubt a masterpiece.

Western Union Web Portal

An online platform is put in place to enhance Western Union transfer activity. Western Union presents its features in a sleek and well-laid interface which can be accessed on any browser at all time. This deal helps to keep its users abreast of all services and offers.

This web portal included other added features such as price estimator, language options, and promotion & fraud tips to mention a few. When the domain address is entered, it automatically detects your location with the IP host on your device. So, one could say every customer uses his or her location web portal.

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Different country options are arrayed on a side on the interface. To ease your tasks, Western Union web portal allows you to check for a suitable agent in your location. You can also check transfer status. All these are some of the added value you get aside from its send and receive money online services.

Stay in touch with Western Union online to get updates on improved service and offers. Join by creating an account to become a member on this portal. By doing so, you are open to enjoy many more exclusive offers from the giant provider.

Oh! Did I forget to add its customer care? I must confess, there is probably no other like its customer service. The representatives always got your backs 24/7; from email, call to even a live chat feature. If you are a member already, log in to enjoy the thrill of its digital features. This web portal simply ceases all hurdles.

Western Union

This is an account holder on the portal. Although some of the key options available on Western Union Online interface can be accessed by all visitors. It is still required of every user to create an account to enjoy its unlimited features. A few clicks away will do the trick to own an account. Why wait any longer? Now is the time to get started; explore and keep the groove online.

An account sign up allows you to own a member profile and manage your contacts. You can also check all your transaction history with Western Union. Many benefits await you as you create an account, few of which I have mentioned. It is easy and free to create an account.

The process to an account sign up is easy, this web portal is made that way. You can always count on me for the guides. The following are the step to step process on how to sign up for an account on Western Union web portal.

  1. Launch your web browser and enter www.westernunion.com on the address search bar.
  2. Tap on My WU right beside the Money Transfer option.
  3. Click on Join now. You can select Learn more option to read more details before you proceed.
  4. Fill all details and enter the CAPTCHA code.
  5. Do not forget to tick the terms and conditions box. Press Continue.
  6. Next, you are to verify your reg. by clicking the link that has been sent to your mail box.
  7. You will be redirected to log in with your details. A click on the login box takes you there!

Western Union Login

The above-listed steps are all that it takes to sign up on Western Union web portal after which you will be a proud owner of an account. After an account creation, you can then proceed to log in. This enables you to keep track of all activity on your account. You can navigate through options on your profile and other features on the page. The log in box is quite easy to spot when you get on this web portal so you can always sign out and in at any time you wish.

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Western Union App

This is another option to enjoy Western Union services online on your mobile devices. Send and receive funds from any place at any time with this app. Of course, there are lots more to enjoy when you install the mobile app. Built just for the purpose to help customers enjoy its services online at their convenience, Western Union app is made available.

Western Union mobile app can be installed on Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS and iPhone users. It can also be downloaded from any official and trusted websites.

How to Send Money Online | Western Union

Transfer funds online from the comfort of your home with the Western Union immerse money transfer options. western union hours for their services is 24/7, its mobile, easy and safe. Below are the steps on how to send money on either its web portal or mobile app.

Either you just created an account on the web portal or you are already a member, each of the transfer options below is listed with its simple steps.

For Money in Minutes Service

  1. Log in to your profile.
  2. Select the Money in Minutes service option.
  3. Input your receiver’s name and address.
  4. Pay either with your credit or debit card.
  5. You’ll get a confirmation by email. Save the tracking number (MTCN) obtained to share with your recipient for pick up.

Send Money to a Mobile Phone

  1. First, check available destination countries and mobile providers.
  2. Log in to your profile.
  3. Start a transaction, enter destination and amount, and choose delivery “to a mobile phone”.
  4. Enter your recipient’s name and mobile number.
  5. Pay with your credit card or debit card.
  6. You and your recipient will get a confirmation alert via SMS notification when the money’s delivered.

Send Money to a Bank Account

  1. Log in to your profile.
  2. Start a transaction, enter destination and amount, and choose delivery “to a bank account”.
  3. Enter your recipient’s bank account information.
  4. Choose your payment method (via card or bank transfer)
  5. You’ll get a confirmation by email with the tracking number (MTCN).
  6. The money will be deposited into your recipient’s bank account.

The above options can be selected preferably. Note that charge fee and delivery time of each transfer activity will possibly be notified. Visit the web portal today to learn more about Western Union transfer services and its other features.

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